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Wise before Five
Wise before Five
Wise before Five

Wise before Five

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This book is the perfect gift to celebrate your child starting school, a nursery graduation or a birthday present.

By the time a child reaches the age of five, they have changed more in those early years than they will at any other point in their life. This amazing feat is celebrated in Wise Before Five.

This illustrated guide is packed with everything a five-year-old should already know and introduces more complex ideas to support further learning. The book covers basic early years concepts, such as the alphabet, shapes and numbers, as well as topics such as feelings, daily routine, mindfulness and road safety.

With gorgeous and vibrant illustrations by the talented Ekaterina Trukhan, Wise Before Five will build confidence and give children the power to realise that they are pretty remarkable!

Age: 3 - 5

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 64

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