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It's a wonderful world
It's a wonderful world
It's a wonderful world

It's a wonderful world

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This book teaches kids about the importance of diversity of plants, animals, and environments, and how to protect these wonderful and crucial elements of our world

The nature in our world is wonderful, and it's up to us to take care of it. You may feel small, but your actions can make a big difference.

This title encourages children to look after their world, but it doesn't just focus on the problems - it teaches them proper ways of preserving and protecting the incredible biodiversity in our world. Vet, author, and TV presenter Jess French introduces kids to a wide variety of environments, plants, and animals, with each spread focusing on a particular species, group, or type, the challenges facing it, and the things kids can do to protect it. The book seeks to provide a positive outlook without glazing over the challenges faced by nature. Unlike most nature books, it will focus on some of the underdogs of the natural world, and will show kids that they can find wonder in the most unexpected places.

Age: 7 - 9

Format: Hardcover 

Pages: 72

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